Saturday, July 11, 2015

The glamour of reality

You won't see pictures of me lounging by the pool or at some random festival. Not this girl, and not this weekend! Today is bush trimming day...had to get out the Black and Decker. It's a big job...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Woosh! There goes a year...and then some

Yeah...I've been absent. On purpose.

The past year has been anything but uneventful. It's just that the events haven't been all that great, but they're getting better.

Sometimes people become "someone I used to know." I lost a group of friends and a person who was a significant part of my life because people I used to know made the conscious decision to be hurtful. In hindsight I say good riddance, but at the time it broke my heart.

Deciding whether or not to start blogging again has been a difficult decision. I have missed it tremendously, but privacy and safety are a concern. It may take a few posts for me to find my voice again. Quite honestly, I'm a little afraid to say anything at all because words were used to confuse and hurt me for a long time. But my confidence is returning and my voice is becoming stronger. My fingers are moving faster on the keyboard and I'm not hitting the backspace as much as I did two paragraphs ago. I've kept silent out of fear that I might say something wrong. I've been stomping down that fear every day for over a year and guess what? Today it didn't rise back up and try to take hold of me again.

Ladies and gentlemen, she's back...and she's got stories to tell.

Who doesn't have pita chips, hummus and a vodka tonic for dinner on a Monday? On the patio...