Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Destash Update

In less than a week I have destashed 12 ounces of spinning fiber and 6,795 yards, or 1.28 miles, of yarn. Yes, miles.

And I still haven't made much of a dent. But it took a long time to build the stash, it will take time to whittle it down.

My Chrysalis Fibers Etsy shop will close down at the end of the month. I've moved most of the items over to my destash page on Ravelry. I'll keep adding every few days.

I'm also going to list the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel that I picked up last year at an antique mall. It's a single drive, single treadle. There's a small chip in the small whorl of the flyer, but that doesn't seem to interfere with the spinning. I just don't enjoy the single drive/scotch tension. It's a great wheel and comes with 3 bobbins (2 of which are new). I took it apart, thoroughly cleaned it and rubbed it down to a nice glow. $250 or make an offer.

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